Suavecito Pomade Welcomes Jose "Suavecito" Diaz

Suavecito Pomade Jose "Suavecito" Diaz MMA

Here at Suavecito we believe in the most genuine high-quality products that are affordable for the modern man and woman. In conjunction with this way of thinking, we also look for some of the most talented up-and-coming artists and athletes from around the world. This is why we put our faith and support in athletes like Jose “Suavecito” Diaz.

Growing up with humble roots in Norwalk and La Mirada, California, Jose started wrestling at the tender age of 5 and began training in Mixed Martial Arts at 14, entering his first competition in MMA at the age of 17. At a very young age, Jose knew that he had the mental stamina to succeed in this athletic and extremely competitive field. Jose Diaz is driven by his desire to be the best in the game today. But he doesn't let his talent and confidence in the octagon get to his head. Focus and humility are rare in this day and age and this is why Jose “Suavecito” Diaz fits in well with our philosophy and attitude toward being successful.

You can catch Jose training daily to the fullest extent of his physical abilities at Clebber Luciano’s ‘Clebber Jiu Jitsu’ in Huntington Beach. You can also see him competing against some of the world’s best fighters on the Brazilian “Jungle Fight” promotion.

Check out our short video about Jose “Suavecito” Diaz below.

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Suavecito Pomade Jose "Suavecito" Diaz Clebber Jiu JitsuSuavecito Pomade Cleber Jiu Jitsu Suavecito Pomade Jose "Suavecito" Diaz MMA Training Suavecito Pomade Jose "Suavecito" Diaz MMA

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