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  • Suavecito X Elmer "Fudd" Rodriguez

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    Showcasing and collaborating with a variety of artists and styles is one of our favorite things to do. For our 2014 summer apparel, we decided to partner up with our friend and tattooist Elmer "Fudd" Rodriguez. Like us, Elmer grew up in Santa Ana and has always aspired to do something special. Something artistic. "Fudd" is currently working at HB Tattoo in Huntington Beach, CA. Check out some of his work on his instagram @ElmerFuddTattoos, and then try and absorb the...

  • Suavecito X Stay Gold Barbershop

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    To commemorate our collaboration with the highly skilled barbers at Stay Gold Barbershop, we put both our original hold and firme (strong) hold pomade in a special limited edition gold can with a label customized to fit the style and branding of the Stay Gold barbers. Stay Gold Barbershop currently has 2 locations, one in Pomona, and the other in Fontana. Watch the Two Bits With Eric Interview of Rob Oliva to learn more about our friends at Stay Gold...

  • Suavecito X Mr. Rhythm

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    About Mr. Rhythm Jowee Ramirez is “Mr. Rhythm”, a Los Angeles based pinstriper that is making a name for himself in the custom industry. This Navy veteran started putting brush to ink only 5 years ago which puts him on the young end of his peers. Us here at Suavecito had heard of this up-and-coming artist about 3 years ago and how a "Mr. Rhythm" was making his way around the car show circuit here in Southern California doing mostly...

  • Suavecito Pomade X Mat Egan

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    About Mat Egan Mat Egan, originally from Melbourne Australia, is currently in the U.S. digging in deep to  the rockabilly and custom car culture sharing his artistic talents. Creative mind Mat Egan paints, tattoos and even dreamed up an iOS app called Kwik Draw that is currently available for download on iTunes. We recently had the good fortune of having Egan hand paint our logo on our '62 International Metro!

  • Suavecito Pomade X Tip Top Barber Shop

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    About Dre Perales of Tip Top Barber Shop Dre Perales is a master of many trades. A barber. A tattooer. An artist. He understands the industry like most don't. He is a pioneer that will last the test of time. Not interested in fads. Only interested in true passion and outlasting tradition. Dre Perales is a man that understands if a method is proven and has respect, only then is it is worth of his credibility. This is why it...

  • Suavecito X Quyen Dinh

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    About Quyen Dinh  Quyen Dinh was born in Vietnam in 1977 amidst social and political oppression. Being a part of the refugee boat people generation, Quyen and her family left Vietnam and eventually found a permanent home in the suburbs of Southern California in the early 1980's. Quyen started to show talent for creativity early on; however, without the neccessary familial support growing up, she left art behind along with any kind of aspiration. It wasn't until 2004 when a...

  • Suavecito Pomade X Hi-Rollers Barbershop

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    About Hi-Rollers Barbershop In June 2013 we had the privilege of collaborating with Martin Carona, barber and owner of Hi-Rollers Barbershop, at Art 'N' Ink Las Vegas, NV. As tattoo guns buzzed and hummed all around us, Carona dished out fine haircuts and clean shaves as the stand alone barber at the festival. Cut after cut smiling customers thanked Martin for his quality services, not even realizing that all along Martin was servicing them while standing on a broken toe!...