A Perfect Babe for a Wednesday, A Great T-shirt and the Fit Expo in San Jose

fit expo san jose - 2

We're heading up to San Jose at the end of this month for the @thefitexpo! Your hair has to look good when you're at the gym too, you know. See you guys there!


Summer is the time to keep the ride clean and seen. Imagine tirando cruisin on a nice summer day through the streets in this beautiful Oldsmobile!  What are you cruisin in or would be your dream car to cruise in?

_miss_scarlet_ instagram profile with suavecita and suavecito pomade

What a babe! Dark hair, tattoos and a vintage wardrobe is the perfect trifecta. The beautiful @_miss_scarlet_ has all the above and more.


Wipeout Tee is available now here on our website! This t-shirt is was designed to make you look good and feel good. It's a no brainer. And stay firme wherever you go with our Summer '17 Collection! Get it, hombre. 

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