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Suavecita Dry Shampoo

 Suavecita Dry Shampoo

Suavecita Dry Shampoo is a great product for those on-the-go days where there really is no time to wash and blow dry...

  Our Suavecita Dry Shampoo is a product that hit the shelves a little while ago and people are raving about it. It has quite a few uses and functions, which makes it a versatile product! Our dry shampoo consists of cornstarch to absorb oil, letting you go a day (or two) without washing your hair. Dry Shampoo coats your hair and makes it dry and matte by covering your hair’s natural oils. Ours comes in powdered form. The best feature about them is that the newest formulas also contain ingredients that add volume, thickness and texture.

Suavecita Dry Shampoo

  The first way to use it is what it’s meant to be for; absorb your natural oils. You’ll want to sprinkle some throughout the hair only on the roots. By doing this you will notice how quickly it’ll absorb the oils. If you massage it in with your fingertips, it stimulates the scalp and gives it a bit of a lift (volume). One of the best ways to create a fuller look is to flip your head upside down and sprinkle generously. If you to apply Suavecita Dry Shampoo all over the hair, including the ends, it’ll add texture. With short hair, it creates a sassy, tousled look. If the hair is down and you want your curls to look piece-y and imperfect and keep them from forming together add it to your mid-band and ends.

Suavecita Dry Shampoo

  Anytime you are creating an updo that involves backcombing, sprinkle some on the section you are working on and backcomb it to help lock in the tease. Also, to keep bobby pins from slipping out of your hair when doing a specialty style, drizzle some onto them to give them a grip. For all you ladies with front bangs, a great way to keep them from sticking to the oils on your forehead is to put some underneath the fringe. Suavecita Dry Shampoo is a great product for those on the go days where there really is no time to wash and blow dry. As many hairstylists never encourage you to wash your hair often (because it’ll dry out your hair) using this product will give you that extra bit of time till that regular shampoo is needed.

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