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Suavecita Grooming Spray

Suavecita Grooming Spray


Do you have trouble making your curls last? Use the Suavecita Grooming Spray as your newest setting lotion! This convenient 8oz. pump spray can be used to dampen your hair before pin-curling or using rollers. It has the original fragrance as Suavecita Pomade that reminds you of a wild berry scent. To use this as a setting lotion, take small sections whether it be for your roller or to set your pin-curl and spray once. After everything is pinned, give it a spray all over for security. Another way to use the Grooming Spray is to use it to smooth when brushing out your set. The hair tends to be very big and unmanageable after unraveling, therefore comes in handy when trying to even out frizz.  The idea behind the product was to be a non-aerosol hairspray or setting lotion. The Suavecito Grooming Spray is used by most men to dampen their hair before applying their Pomade. Instead of using water, you can use this Spray to help prep the hair before working the Pomade in. After you have your desired hairstyle in place, spray the hair once more for a better grip.

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