Do’s and Don’ts with Suavecito & Suavecita Pomade

  It all started with one pomade- Suavecito’s Original Hold Pomade. From there we introduced the Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade with a stronger hold for harder to manage type of hair. After many requests to formulate a women’s pomade with a feminine fragrance, Suavecita Pomade was born. These pomades are uniquely scented styling water based products that comb into your hair easily with their consistent formulas. Take hair styling to another level! Here are some do’s and don’ts for when using our pomades.  


Do apply pomade to dry or damp hair
Do apply pomade using a comb for smoothness
Do apply Pomade onto existing curls to reduce fly aways or frizz
Do apply Grooming Spray to dampen your hair instead of water
Do apply Suavecita Argan Serum to pomade to dilute the thickness
Do apply Pomade for smooth comb overs or pony tails
Do apply Pomade to short fringe to keep together
Do emulsify pomade into hands before applying


Don’t apply pomade before using any hot tools
Don’t apply pomade to wet hair
Don’t keep the lid off your Pomade
Don’t cocktail products if not trying to dilute the pomade
Don’t apply pomade to hair before blow drying


Suavecito and Suavecita Pomades


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