Midnight Mass Car Show

Sacramento Poor Boys Presents: Midnight Mass Car Show

Sacramento Poor Boys Presents: The 11th Annual Midnight Mass Car Show, will be held July 26, 12AM - 12PM at the Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland, CA. Events include live music, pinup contest, awards and more.

Yolo County Fairgrounds
1125 East St
Woodland, CA 95776


  • Can you pre register for the Car Show?

    Larry Campos
  • We enjoyed the cars. We enjoyed the venue. The first band with Johnny Cash music was terrific. Second group of musicians were fun. The last group was offensive. Vulgar language and promotion of drugs and partying irresponsibly was a turn off. Please consider the family atmosphere that we enjoyed in the early part of the day in the future. The constant vulgar language and profanity was not appreciated and drove us out. Too bad the day ended on a sour note. Just a little feedback.
    Lou Schiavone

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