Premium Blends Craftsman Series Episode 1 - Tim Hendricks

Tim Hendricks is a well-renowned tattoo artist and owner of Classic Tattoo in Fullerton, Calif. With a wide range of talents that includes surfing and skating any chance he gets, he is a true artist in every sense of the word. When he is not at the shop or traveling, he spends his time at home in Costa Mesa, Calif. with his family. While at home, he also likes to build his own tattoo machines. He has a pretty sweet set up in his garage with all his tools and a huge 1940's South Bend Lathe machine. This thing is from the '40s but runs like a beauty. What we wanted to do with this Craftsman Series is to show how artists like Tim Hendricks are continuing the tradition of tattooing and art alive. More importantly. we asked about traditions they remember as an adolescent.

Music composed by Joseph Padilla