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Beard Oils

About Beard Oils

No matter what you are doing with your facial hair we all have to agree on one thing, hair and skin health are very important. If you are just starting to grow a beard and only have a little stubble or you are rocking a full dwarven beard read on for important life changing tips that will make you a better healthier bearded man.

Beard oil, you need it in your life. Why? Because it’s a miracle tonic for your beard.

Get rid of beard itch

The biggest problem happening to gentlemen that are growing their beards out is that dreaded beard itch. It stops a lot of potential beard growers dead in their tracks leading immediately to shaving everything off just to get rid of that itch. Well we don’t want that to happen to anyone. No matter what stage of beard growth you are in that itch can creep up and ruin your day. How can you get rid of it?

Moisturize your beard

Often times your beard is seriously lacking in moisture and it’s drying the skin out underneath. Your skin’s health is super important during a beards life. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it.

After washing your beard use a moisturizing agent. This could be a beard oil, a beard balm or a lotion applied to the hair. Ensure the skin underneath is being hit with the product. That is key. Brush daily after application of beard oil to help train hairs to grow in the direction you want them. Not does this help with styling later on but also prevents ingrown hairs from emerging.

Always keep the beard clean, moisturized and brushed. This will help fight the beard itch.

Give the beard a healthy look

Beard oil also softens the hair and helps make it do it what you want. It’s the perfect tamer for the beard. Think of it as a lotion or conditioner for the hair that eliminates frizz and roughness. Your beard will look healthy and feel healthy with a shine that will tell everyone you care. Not only will you look great you’ll feel great knowing that the oil is actually ensuring your beard’s health and not just appearing to work.

With repeated applications of beard oil and brushing, the hair will naturally begin to show signs of renewed health and happiness. The natural oils in your beard will enrichen your hair the more you brush and stimulate it. At the same time the beard oil will relax and soften the beard making it manageable and pleasant to run your fingers through.

Foundation is the key to style

With a beard oil soothing your beard it makes styling with an additional product like a hard working beard wax even easier. Hair that is soft, pliable and moisturized it’s super easy manipulate into what you want it to do. Your styling products will go in easier and you’ll need less to shape the beard saving you time and money.

When you condition your beard everyday and treat it right the benefits come back to you. It will be easier to style and manipulate it the way you want, it will look healthy and full and it won’t bother you with dandruff or itch. A good beard takes time and work. It’s an investment. The more time you give it and the more work you put in the bigger the reward. Stay patient and the results will come.