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Suavecito Presidential Election Survival Kit

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Press Release


October 2016

To: General Media, Supporters, Fans

Announcement of Presidential Election Survival Kit


Suavecito Pomade - Santa Ana, CA, announces Suavecito Presidential Election Survival Kit for all supporters of the upcoming Presidential Election, 2016.

The new Presidential Election Survival Kit is meant to be purchased as a token of support for Suavecito’s push into Presidency. It is suggested as a must-have item for all their supporters and fans. Suavecito feels that this new kit will make a large impact on the fanbase and also to new curious parties whom may be swayed into full support.

Suavecito, Inc. is quoted as saying, “Our supporters for the upcoming election are a proud many and they make up the class of people that need to be represented and heard. No longer can we take a future of living in a world where things are not Firme, where Hombres are not getting it, and where their hairstyles are not recognized as nothing short of perfection. This is the time for a change in the right direction.”

The new Survival Kit is out now and comes with:

  • Suavecito for President Bumper Sticker 3x10”
  • 2 x Suavecito for President Circle Stickers 3"
  • 2 x Suavecito for President Buttons 1"
  • 1 Suavecito Black Deluxe Comb

Suavecito Pomade wants to thank all current loyal supporters and wish them a Firme future.

“Make America Firme Again”