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Elmer "Fudd" Rodriguez

Elmer Fudd Tattoos X Suavecito Pomade Apparel
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Showcasing and collaborating with a variety of artists and styles is one of our favorite things to do. For our 2014 summer apparel, we decided to partner up with our friend and tattooist Elmer "Fudd" Rodriguez. Like us, Elmer grew up in Santa Ana and has always aspired to do something special. Something artistic. "Fudd" is currently working at HB Tattoo in Huntington Beach, CA. Check out some of his work on his instagram @ElmerFuddTattoos, and then try and absorb the fact that he is color blind!

Special thanks to the @HB_Tattoo Team for helping us with the launch of our 2014 summer apparel.
@shaefitzgamc @mikeyt__tattooer @joshpersons @beto_redfeather @mikegodfrey @tick_hbt

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