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Pink Thorn Tee



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And, in the garden of seemingly small triumphs

there was a single pink rose

reaching upwards and casting shadow

sunshine dancing upon it’s morning dew


It’s these days that make up the volume

when it feels just like filler

and when breakfast yesterday holds no memory

skipped over to be forgotten and set aside


Take what is given and make it sweet

remember these movements and study

significant trivialities during the sun’s journey

joyous days each one of them,

they build upon the trivialities and turn you into a wondrous rose.

You will love this tee. It’s comfortable, made of 100% soft cotton and made to last. Slip this on and know that you are part of the Suavecita club! We want you aboard!

*Models are wearing sizes small and plus size 2*

5.5 oz Medium Weight Tee (AAA-1701)