Suavecito Body Soap with Charcoal
Suavecito Body Soap with Charcoal open
Suavecito Body Soap with charcoal wet
Suavecito Body Soap with Charcoal wet and smoke

Body Soap




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Original: The original Suavecito fragrance.

Charcoal: Detoxifying carbon activates with the steam from your shower to absorb toxins. It binds to the dirt and oil on your skin to help clear out pores. The charcoal works as a deodorizer to absorb odors on your body.

Directions: While bathing, gently massage body with soap to cleanse and exfoliate skin.

  • Exfoliating and moisturizing
  • Made in USA

Body Soap - Original with Charcoal

Body Soap
Original / Charcoal / Single
$2.99 USD