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Firme Hold Winter Pomade - Subscriber Special

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It’s that time of the year again. But isn’t it always, that time of the year? Well, this time of year comes with some great things. Snow. Snowflakes. Large amounts of home cooking. Warmth from a fire, warmth from a hot toddy and warmth from a throw blanket on the sofa.

This is our Warm Clove Firme Pomade for this winter season. And it’s perfect. Trust us. We went through many recipes. Many revisions. Then we got it right. Very right. And you’re going to agree when you take first whiff. It’s everything you know and love of your favorite Firme Pomade but with a new scent and new label for the season.

Directions: Start with dry or slightly damp hair. Wet hair will breakdown the formula and not allow the pomade to work to it’s full potential. Apply a small amount to hair and work in with fingers. Apply more as needed and finish with comb or brush.

Fragrance Profile: Your nose is going to go on a journey with each inhale of this amazing fragrance. And like any good journey or adventure it doesn’t stop with just one experience. Many different experiences will make up the whole. So, open it up and breath. The first thing you will encounter is the spicy cinnamon blend that will wake you up. As you keep breathing it in, the spiciness of the cinnamon drifts away (but doesn’t hide entirely) giving way to sweet vanilla bean, smooth clove and nutmeg. And at the end of the journey you are rewarded with a pleasantly warm and sweet finish. The winter months suit this fragrance best and we made it to compliment smoky, musky and sweetly scented colognes, aftershaves or balms.

  • Water based
  • Strong hold
  • New Warm Clove fragrance
  • Easy to use and washes out with just water
  • Net wt. 4 oz.