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Grizzly Tee



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Staying true to our roots, celebrating where we came from and showing it off proud this t-shirt says a lot. It’s spring time - the season for new beginnings and waking up from the hibernation that came with winter. As the bears out there in the wilderness emerge from their resting places so too shall you from your routine. Treat yourself to some new attire and get out there with a confident smile on your face. Let the sun shine brightly upon your face and your new tee.

These are it, these are the t-shirts you have been waiting for. T-shirts like this will stand up to abuse, feel great brand new, even better as they age and look freaking firme throughout their whole life with you. Printed on some great quality tees that are 100% cotton.

6 oz Heavyweight Tee (AAA-1301-1304LS) 5.5 oz Medium Weight Tee (AAA-1701)