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His and Hers Firme Pomade Deal

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For the Suavecito Pomade power couple, this is the package you need in your life. Why buy your favorite pomades separately when you could get them for this special price? It would be a no brainer as to why you should be picking this up. It is the perfect package for happy Suavecito loving couples.

This package deal has one of our Firme Hold Pomades and one Suavecita Pomade. These pomades are awesome water soluble products that wash out with just water and leave your hair feeling just as it did before you put it in. But don’t let that allow you to think they are underperforming products, these pomades are some very great strong pomades that will style your hair however you want and keep it there for the whole day and then some. They do all this without any greasy feeling or flaking and keep your hair and scalp healthy with no harsh ingredients.

Directions: Open them up and smell brilliance that is Suavecito. Scoop a small amount out and apply to your hair. Slightly damp or dry hair works best. Style. To remove, simply rinse with warm water.

  • One Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade and one Suavecita Pomade
  • High performing water based pomades
  • Wash out with just water in seconds
  • Powerful hold and easy to style
  • United States made