Messenger Bag
M604NN - 700645594222

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Enter stage left - a young woman. She makes her way to center stage with a nervous air about her. She looks around unsure. The backdrop of the stage is made up to look like a modern day shopping mall. She slowly strolls around as if window shopping. The spotlight shines down on her, following her. And the audience is enthralled, as they should be. She finds what she is looking for and picks it up. The crowd is captivated. It is the Suavecita Messenger Bag and she confidently wears it over one shoulder. She is beautiful. She exits stage right. The audience is cheering. Standing ovation. The house lights go down.

And that is now your new life: take charge, wear the best and use the best. Our Suavecita Messenger Bag is everything you want out of carry-all. Put your most important daily items in there and stroll through the day in confidence. It’s sexy and powerful as if making a statement, just like you.

You and the bag walking down the street, standing ovation.

  • Dimensions: 6"x4"x10"
  • 100% Polyester