Synthetic Silk Eyelashes
P191NN - 700645594000

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Stand out and be exemplary. Our amazing synthetic silk lashes are heavenly. Comfortable and light, you won't know they're there but everyone else will. They make a huge impression and will draw everyone into your gorgeous eyes. These reusable lashes are made from synthetic silk for comfort and long lasting beautiful looks. Our lashes are blended to look natural and full.

Our products add that extra flair to enhance your already beautiful features.

Our lashes can be used up to 20 times if properly cared for. Keep clean after each use and mascara is not recommended.

Fully synthetic silk making it:

    • Reusable and long lasting
    • Comfortable all day
    • Use up to 20 times
    • Vegan and cruelty free

Chica Fresa - Dense, yet feathery look with multiple lash clusters. Flared shape for more drama

De La Rosa - For a more natural look. multi-layered and dimensional with a rounded shape

Bombon - For fullness, length, and volume. Rounded lashes with slightly tapered ends. Use for more dramatic looks

Tres Leches - Adds length and volume with multiple clusters. Flared ends for a cat-eye finish

Pan Dulce - Medium density and volume stacked lash, rounded with tapered ends and more length in the center

Licorice - Flared shape, ultra wispy and dimensional, with varying lengths to look natural, but add depth and fullness.

Tootsie - Rounded shape and more dense at the base, these lashes have evenly distributed volume and a layered, dimensional look, with a medium length.

Gumdrop - These shorter lashes are for those looking to add fullness and volume rather than length. A slightly flared shape adds a little extra cat eye while the varying lash lengths keep them looking more natural.

Sugar Plum - For every day glam. Add a fluttery finish with the flared shape and evenly distributed volume.

Chica Fresa Eyelash
Chica Fresa - Closeup
Chica Fresa - Side By Side
De La Rosa Eyelash
De La Rosa - Closeup
De La Rosa - Side By Side
Bombon Eyelash
Bombon - Closeup
Bombon - Side By Side
Tres Leches Eyelash
Tres Leches - Closeup
Tres Leches - Side By Side
Pan Dulce Eyelash
Pan Dulce - Closeup
Pan Dulce - Side By Side
Licorice Eyelash
Licorice - Closeup
Licorice - Side By Side
Tootsie Eyelash
Tootsie - Closeup
Tootsie - Side By Side
Gumdrop Eyelash
Gumdrop - Closeup
Gumdrop - Side By Side
Sugar Plum Eyelash
Sugar Plum - Closeup
Sugar Plum - Side By Side