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  • Party Time in Santa Maria for Cruisin' Nationals, Good Haircuts and Shaving the Right Way

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    A haircut fit for a gentleman. @bradythebarber_603 took care of this hombre and got him looking firme. Laced him up with a clean side part and cleaned up the beard. Nicely done. When you can't decide which pomade you want to go with, but you know you're still going to look firme! @alexbarber_ekb showing Suavecito some love all the way from Russia! Santa Maria's Cruisin' Nationals show this weekend! How many of you are making it up to this show?? This...

  • Suavecito Barber Shop, Leather Belts and Suavecito Mascot Tattoos

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    That's a good looking station right there! @goodforit_taipei always showing Suavecito a lot of support, thank you guys! We'd love to see your station please be sure to tag us in your posts and hashtag #Suavecito too. Keep up those trousers with a new belt from your friends here at Suavecito Pomade! Your hair is already looking good with that pomade and now it’s time to get the rest of you looking your best. @rockrollg, of @pachuco_tattoo, got down on...

  • The Bettie Bangs Hairstyle is Sexy, Sombreros Suavecito Style and Side Part Combs

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    Bettie bangs on point and with looks that kill @manku_geal is stone cold fox! Gotta love a girl who can rock black all day, errrday. Then use the comb end to style the rest of the hair and get on with your day. @suavecitopremium Blends metals combs are built to high quality standards and their rounded teeth help limit the tugging and pulling you may get from cheaper combs. Can't get over how badass these came out. Thank you again...

  • Suavecito Hockey Jersey, Classic Cars and Carlos Salcido Flores with Suavecito Pomade in His Hair

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    Yes, that is Carlos Salcido Flores!! He's got look firme when he's on the field doing the damn thing, you know. It's always a trip to see photos like this! Photo: @pasionchiivas_noterajes Check out our recap of 20! Another great show Tom! So much going on this year, it was nuts. Once again our good friends @hirollers_barbershop killed it this year. Thank you guys for your help!  Head over to our Youtube channel to see all the action! Please...

  • Punk Rock Bowling

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    We will be attending the 19th Annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, the biggest punk party in the country! Don't miss a rare appearance by the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer and Godfather of Punk Rock, the one and only Iggy Pop! And if that's not enough, we've got old school legends Bad Religion, Uk's infamous Oi boys Cock Sparrer, and South Bay giants, Pennywise. Added to this already stellar lineup, one of the most talked about bands...

  • West Coast Kustoms Cruisin' Nationals

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    Don't Miss The West Coast Kustoms 35th Annual Cruisin' Nationals May 26, 27 & 28, 2017. Drop in on us at the Santa Maria Fairpark and pick up some special deals on Suavecito pomade and merch! For more info please visit