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  • A Clever Way to Recycle Your Suavecito Tins and Cans

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    It's that time of year again, Poor Boys Midnight Mass show is this Saturday July 29th. It's always a fun show! Show starts at 12pm and the party doesn't stop until midnight! Each year we go to this show and have a great time. It's one of the best shows we are privileged to attend and always look forward to it every summer. We'll see you guys this weekend!  Our boy @thesalas reppin' Santa Ana! Stay firme hombre and thank you...

  • What Should You Should You Take on Your Roadtrip?

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    @gigi_maceli with the gents poster hanging high in the shop. This is poster is definitely a favorite. Artwork by the talented @parlor_tattoo_prints. It's Monday, time to hit the grind hard! Get it, hombre! Who said looking firme wasn't part of your road trip! It's just you, the open road and your ride or die Suavecito tub. That doesn't sound like a bad trip. Photo by @offthetopbarbershop. That's a wrap for today here at the Suavecito Store! We'll see you guys...

  • Best Pomade to Use When it's Hot During Summer

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    It's summer vacation! Come by and check out the shop! Ladies we have all of Suavecita Pomade's products. Everything you need to keep you guys looking as pretty as you guys do.  We'll see you guys here! 2831 West 1st. St. Santa Ana, CA 92703 We know the summer heat can really beat your hair down. We noticed people are digging the looser look right now. Suavecito Premium is the perfect for that!  With this product you are able to...

  • Change Your Life and Get on the Good Foot With a Little Help From...

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    @psychocat323 captured @zeldas_legendarymua struttin' her stuff at this year's Bomb's Classic Car Show! She's looking good in her Suavecita Pomade 'My Rucca' Tank! This tank top is designed to keep you cool and looking cool during these warm summer days. Don't get caught out not looking your best.  Ah what the hell it's almost 5 o'clock, time to enjoy a brewskie. @metalmohawk already enjoying himself a nice cold one! Is it the weekend yet? Thanks for your support hombre!  Look,...

  • The Fit Expo - San Jose

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    The Fit Expo will be held on July 29th - 30th at the San Jose Convention Center, in San Jose, California. The Fit Expo is a family-friendly event which brings together thousands of fitness enthusiasts ranging from bodybuilders and powerlifters to jiu-jitsu and karate participants, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, competitive athletes and even the weekend warrior. Attendees have the chance to meet fitness celebrities, discover new health and wellness products and services, have access to free fitness classes, cooking...

  • Midnight Mass

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    This years Midnight Mass will be held on July 29th at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland. Midnight Mass is the premier West Coast garage built rod & custom car show and entertainment extravaganza.  It is a gathering of the 1950’s lifestyle crowd. In its 13th year, the Midnight Mass show features homebuilt low buck pre 1965 American made automobiles built and driven by the average working guy & gal. Rust, patina, primer, flat colors or custom paint is all accepted. ...

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