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Liquid Hand Sanitizer - 2 fl. oz.


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This Liquid Hand Sanitizer comes in a convenient pocket-sized spray bottle for portability. It has a subtle Original Suavecito fragrance so you can smell Firme while keeping the germs at bay.

Suavecito wanted to lend a helping hand in the efforts to keep COVID-19 at bay. We have shifted our focus from hair and grooming products to sanitizing and hygiene products that can keep you clean and safe. 

This Hand Sanitizer is our attempt to make a contribution and to show our support to those on the frontlines. We are eternally grateful to all of those putting their health at risk to keep society going and help those in need.

Producing Hand Sanitizer is a small way we can help relieve some of the stress that a shortage of resources and supplies puts on those working hard to combat this pandemic.

*Due to limited supplies, the bottle and cap you receive may be different than pictured

Liquid Hand Sanitizer - 2 fl. oz.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer - 2 fl. oz.
$1.49 USD $1.99 USD